COMING SOON! Instar Performance

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Instar Performance LLC recently acquired the exclusive rights to the entire library of training programs created by Gordon Graham & Company. This acquisition allows the team at Instar Performance to provide you with the knowledge, experience and support you expect, as Gordon Graham begins a new chapter in his professional and personal life.

Instar Performance will be providing many new and innovative products and services to compliment those in the Gordon Graham & Co library and looks forward to teaming with Gordon to continue to share his inspiration, education and story. Our team at Instar Performance includes Cathy Crosslin and Katie Olney, formerly of Gordon Graham & Company, and Kelly Frere, newly hired as the HR Director.

Instar Performance is a company dedicated to enhancing and changing lives. We provide entertaining and meaningful education and training for communities, corporations, correctional institutions, families, teams and individuals. We specialize in Cultural Change, Personal Transformation, Team Building, Performance Enhancement, Correctional Services, Athletic Performance Enhancement, Executive Coaching, Union-Management Relationships and Life Coaching.

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ph: 425-861-6565

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“In today’s business environment, companies must be able to change and adapt quickly. Gordon Graham’s programs prepare your workforce to adjust to and welcome change as a means to improve the quality and profitability of your products and services.”

Mark R. Draves
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